Mezmedia Virtual Prototypes

These are projects that we have done or are currently working on with our existing clients. They are early alpha prototypes, technical demos and proof-of-concepts to illustrate the technical capabilities of our team.

Esplanade Park Virtual Tour

360-camera Panorama

This is a 360-camera, panoramic tour of the Esplanade Park.

Art Gallery 360-degree

360-degree, 3D rendered

Designed for our art gallery clients, this is a virtual gallery '360-panoramic style' designed and built entirely in 3D.

Art Gallery in 3D

Interactive 3D Environment

This is an immersive full 3D experience. Users can walk to any point in the space and interact with the works of art within. Contact us to view a demo.

Virtual Reality

Using Oculus VR

A proof-of-concept to recreate a exact scale 4-room HDB flat in Virtual Reality. Contact us to view a demo.